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Scridea Network Monitor

Simple and powerful network monitoring utility

Scridea Network Monitor (SCNM) is a Windows based network monitoring utility. It is a portable utility that works without installation and remote agents. You can use SCNM to monitor the availability of any network hosts and send Email alerts whenever the host status changes.

Key Features

Portable & Easy to use

Works without installation. Simply download and execute. User friendly menus and self-explanatory features.

Email Alerts

Get email alerts when a host is down or unreachable. Supports any SMTP mail server, such as Gmail & MS Exchange.

Advanced Monitoring

Advanced monitoring features such as response time, CPU, RAM, and Disk usage. No remote agent installation required.

Configuration Save

Host lists and groups can be easily managed and maintained. Auto configuration file creation and simple reset option.

Import & Export

Export and import of host settings. Host-lists and groups can be migrated between different machines.

Secure & Fast

Secure and fast PowerShell utility. All backend communications use the PowerShell, which enables Windows built-in security features.