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Scridea Email Signature Manager

Centralized email signature management solution

Scridea Email Signature Manager (SESM) is a portable Windows based Email Signature Management application for MS Outlook. With SESM you can centrally manage your email signatures without any installations and configurations. SESM supports the Active Directory and can automatically update the signatures of all users based on their Active Directory attribute values.

Key Features

Portable & Easy to use

Works without installation. Simply download and execute. User friendly menus and self-explanatory features.

Active Directory Support

Automatically updates user values such as name, title, and department from the Active Directory. Changes to user’s Active Directory values will be automatically updated in the user’s Outlook signature.

Word Document Support

No complicated Signature Template creation process is required. Simply create your own template in a Word document and upload the document to SESM.

Easy Deployment

The SESM Deployment Wizard makes it easy to deploy new signatures. Additionally, any future changes to the corporate email signature template can be easily deployed using the wizard.

Fast and Secure

SESM is a very lightweight application that uses very few system resources. All backend communications use the PowerShell, which enables Windows built-in security features.

Signature Readiness Tests

Option to verify signature on a client machine before deploying. The SSM-Agent will always check the Outlook profiles, AD connection, etc. and update the status to a log file that can be used for future troubleshooting.