2. Settings

Settings menu

  1. Select-All: To select or change all hosts together.

  2. Refresh(s): Host connection renewal time (seconds).
    Any integer between 0 and 100. The default value is 10 seconds.

  3. Import: To import host configuration from a CSV file.
    An import file template is included with the SCNM.zip file. You can provide as many hosts as you need. IP and Host Group are required fields and Name is optional. During the import process, SCAD will create unique host groups according to the Host Group column and add hosts accordingly.

    Do not modify the title line (first line) of the template file, as this may cause unexpected effects during the import process.

  4. Export: To export host configurations to a CSV file.
    You can use the exported file as a configuration backup or use it to transfer SCNM configurations from one system to another.

  5. ? : Application version information and software update.
    To update the software, click the ? button, then in the ‘About SCNM’ window, click the Check for update button. You can download the latest version from the update page which opens automatically. Replace the scnm.exe file with the latest downloaded version. All configurations will be automatically migrated to the new version.