2. Getting started

Running Scridea Active Directory Manager (SCAD)

After making sure that all system requirements are met, extract SCAD.exe from the downloaded archive and run the application.

  1. Select the desired search criteria from the drop-down list (User name, First name, Last name or Department. User name is the default).
  2. Enter the text to search and click the Search button
  3. All matching results will be displayed on the SCAD dashboard

User actions

User actions can be performed by right-clicking on the search results. The available options are listed below.

  1. Copy : Copy the highlighted field value
  2. Unlock : Unlock the selected user account
  3. Reset : Reset the selected user password
  4. Enable : Enable the selected user account
  5. Disable : Disable the selected user account
  6. Delete : Delete the selected user account
  7. Lockouts : Search for user account lockout events and find the source system

Export User Details

Displayed user details can be exported to a CSV file. To export user details, click on Export button and then select the location and file name to save.

Software Update

To update the SCAD, click the ? button, then in the ‘About SCAD’ window, click the Check for update button. You can download the latest version from the update page which opens automatically. Replace the scad.exe file with the latest downloaded version.