3. Import AD User

Import file template

SCAD supports bulk creation of AD user accounts by importing user details from a CSV file. The SCAD download archive contains a CSV import template file. Extract the CSV file from the downloaded archive and enter user details.

Do not modify the title line (first line) of the template file, as this may cause unexpected effects during the import process.

  • User_Name (Required) : User’s login name, this should be a unique value.
  • Name (Required) : User’s title name, this should be a unique value.
  • Password (Required) : User’s login password. Enter a password in accordance with your organization’s domain password policy.
  • UPN (Optional) : User Principal Name. It must be specified in UPN format (example: user@scridea.local) and must be unique. If no value is specified, SCAD will automatically generate a UPN by adding the username and AD domain name (user_name@yourdomain.local).
  • OU (Optional) : Name of the Organizational Unit. Enter Distinguished Name of the OU. (Example: ou=sales,dc=scridea,dc=local). If no value is specified, new users will be added to the built-in Users container.
  • Groups (Optional) : Users can be added to one or more groups at the time of import. To add to multiple groups, enter the name of each group separated by commas (Example: Sales,All Staff,Managers).
  • All other fields, First_Name, Initials, Lst_Name, Telephone, Email, Job_Title & Department are optional.

Below is a sample CSV file with user data.

Import users

Click on the Import button and select the file to import. User details will be imported and displayed on the SCAD dashboard. You can review the details and, if necessary, edit any value directly from the dashboard.

If you want to force the user to change the password on the first login, select the User must change password checkbox.

After verifying all the details, select the user to import and click the Start button. The AD user import process will now start and the results will be displayed in the status column.

You can review the import status of each user with the status column. Specific error, if any, will also be available in the status column.

  • If the user creation is successful, the status will be Green
  • If there is an error creating the user, the status will be Red
  • If the user creation is successful and there is an error adding the user to a group, the status will be Orange

Export Logs

Displayed import details can be exported to a CSV file for future reference or to review error. To start export, click on the Export button, select the location and enter the file name to save.