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Scridea Active Directory Manager

Easily manage your Active Directory users

Scridea Active Directory Manager (SCAD) is a portable Windows based Active Directory Management utility. It is useful for handling common Active Directory user management as well as advanced functions such as bulk user import and log search.

Key Features

Portable & Easy to use

Works without installation. Simply download and execute. User friendly menus and self-explanatory features.

Advanced user search

Search for users based on different user attributes, such as username, first name, last name, and department.

Easy user management

Right click menu to control most common user activities. This includes unlocking, resetting, enabling, disabling, and deleting.

User lockout finder

Easily track sources of user lockouts without the need for complicated and time consuming event log search.

Import & Export

Create new Active Directory users in bulk. Advanced import features such as adding to multiple groups, adding to OU, reviewing and editing imported user details. Option to export user details and import logs.

Secure & Fast

Secure and fast PowerShell utility. All backend communications use the PowerShell, which enables Windows built-in security features.