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IT Operations & Monitoring Tools

Scridea’s IT Operations & Monitoring tools are designed to help IT professionals manage their tasks efficiently and easily. Manage and monitor your IT infrastructure with our portable, robust utilities. We work to provide rigorous solutions in areas such as Network Management & Monitoring, Active Directory Management, Computer & User Management, Scripting solutions, and Exchange Server Management.

Download a Scridea utility for free today!

Why Scridea?

You have more than one reason to choose a Scridea utility over others. We have designed our utilities with a simple interface and they are packaged with powerful and unique features. Get started with a Scridea utility with a single click without the need for complicated installation procedures and configurations.


All Scridea utilities are free for personal or commercial use. Anyone can download and use it at no cost.


We design portable and powerful applications that make your daily IT work easier and faster.


Our utilities are extensively tested under various circumstances prior to release to ensure its safety and security.


We provide product support, documentation, consistent product enhancements, and bug fixes.


Scridea offers utilities for Network Monitoring, Active Directory Management and Email Signature Management. Visit our site regularly for the latest product updates and new releases.

Network Monitor

Simple and powerful Network Monitoring utility

Active Directory Manager

Easily manage your Active Directory users

Email Signature Manager

Centralized email signature management solution